Question: Too Young To Begin?

I am 25 and take quite good care of my skin, wear minimal makeup and am fanatical about sunscreen. Would it be too early for me to add an anti-aging serum into my skincare routine? If not, what kind of serums would you recommend?


If you cannot see visible signs of ageing, then at this stage I would not recommend using any active anti-ageing serums or creams. I would suggest using good hydrating serums EG Lamelle’s HA serum, and/or a good potent anti-oxidant serum (as an age-prevention serum) EG: Skin Ceuticals Phloretin CF serum. At around age 25, it is also a good idea to consider including eye products in your regime. What I highly commend you in is the fanatical use of sunscreen! Don’t ever stop being diligent with your sunscreen! That is excellent!

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