Question: Very Dry & Flaky Skin In Winter/cold Weather

I have tried clinique; Ponds; etc; but none of their products for this problem really helped. So now I am trying Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream and it seems to be helping; but I am worried about the pigmentation under my eyes; where the dry skin have turned dark and similarly on my chin. Is this more than just dry skin now?


Thank-you so much for this question. You need to stop right where you are… What you are describing to me is classic symptoms of someone suffering with an impaired barrier. The truth is that until you sort out that damaged skin barrier, no product that you change to is going to make any difference at all. Here is what I reccommend you do. Get yourself Lamelle’s Serra products. Get the cleanser, the Restore cream and a good sunblock. I need you to use that every day for the next 8 weeks. After that I’m quite confident that you will see a marked improvement in your skin. Once we’ve restored that barrier and your skin is functioning normally again, then you can start going back on to regular products. The products I’ve mentioned are available form any Skin Renewal Branch.

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