Question: Weight Loss And Loose Skin

I've lost 19kg and have loose skin around my waist area. I'm doing every stomach exercise from situps to crunches and still don't have the wanted results. I still have another 15kg to lose and am terrified of what I will look like with all the hanging skin. Any tips?


Hi Helené, well done on making such important lifestyle changes! Your query is actually a very common one. The key is to manage your weight loss carefully, opting for slow, permanent change rather than drastic drops that could fluctuate. Slow weight loss is important for allowing your skin to adapt to the reduced weight. While on your weight loss journey, I recommend dry brushing, which stimulates circulation, lymph drainage and tighter skin, and fortnightly body wraps with your beauty therapist – I recommend Dream Weigh wraps in particular. It may sound strange, but swap some of your traditional cardio for rebounding on a mini-trampoline. This is known as one of the best anti-ageing pieces of equipment as it encourages the skin to taughten with every bounce.

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