Question: Well, I Am Unemployed And Can’t Afford Expensive Treatment For My Oily, Sometimes Dry Skin That Sometimes Has Rash And Pimples. I Don’t Know What To Do Anymore… I Love Looking Good And How Do I Look Good With My Face Not Marching My Confidence, It’s A Self-esteem Killer… Help DR Please.

Well, I am unemployed and can't afford expensive treatment for my oily, sometimes dry skin that sometimes has rash and pimples. I don't know what to do anymore... I love looking good and how do I look good with my face not marching my confidence, it's a self-esteem killer... help DR please.


Thanks so much for your enquiry. I know that this particular problem can really be very depressing, but hang in there! Something can be done. First thing is that you need to make sure you’re washing your face with something that is not harsh and drying. The more you dry out your skin, the more oil your skin will make. So I would suggest you get yourself a mild cleanser that is not very soapy or foamy. Then for use at night time, I would get a script for Differin gel, which you just apply very sparingly at night time only. Don’t use too much of it, and it will last you well. Then very importantly, for use during the day, I would get Heliocare Silk Gel to apply. Those are the very basics that I would start with. Once you are a bit more flexible in your budget, then it would be a great idea to just add Acnevelle tablets to take every morning, and Clarity Corrective AM (from Lamelle) to apply under your Heliocare Silk Gel. Please try those products I’ve suggested for 4-8 weeks. That is more or less how long it will take your skin to settle into its new routine. Don’t be at all surprised if the fisrt 2 weeks is a bit “uncomfortable”. I really hope I’ve been able to help you.

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