Question: What, At My Age (26), Should I Start Incorporating Into My Beauty Routine?

What, at my age (26), should I start incorporating into my beauty routine?


It’s always difficult to say exactly what a person needs for their particular skin, purely based on their age. If I must give a “generic prescription”, I would say that anyone who is becoming serious about their skin care needs the following: 1) A good, broad spectrum SPF (30+) to be applied EVERY day. 2) A potent topical anti-oxidant to be used every morning 3) A good potent anti-ageing product  (something with growth factors or retinol) to be used at night. Of course, it is also very helpful to include the use of enzymes twice a week to increase your skin’s cellular turnover, and if your budget allows, a specialised eye treatment (something with growth factors is always advisable).

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