Question: What can I do about cellulite?

Although I am not overweight, I have noticed that the back of my thighs are starting to have a slight resemblance of the beginnings of cellulite. What can I do about this, to prevent it from forming fully? I am in my late 20s.


It is important to remember that cellulite is NOT simply connected to weight gain. It is influenced by diet, circulation, poor lymphatic drainage, hormones and lifestyle. So there isn’t simply one quick-fix when it comes to this condition. All of those factors have to be taken into account. So the ones that are completely in YOUR control are your diet, exercise, sufficient water intake and avoiding things that cause toxicity in the body (such as smoking, for example). Where we would be able to help you is with your hormonal profile (check out and with the appearance of the cellulite that is already there by doing treatments that will improve your circulation, lymphatic drainage and skin condition. Treatments such as Velashape, Exilis, Titania and Carboxy Therapy. For more information on the various treatments please visit

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