Question: What Can I Do And Use To Prevent Split Ends

What can I do and use to prevent split ends


Hi Kereshnee!

Your hair is comprised of 3 layers. The first layer are your Cuticles which look like fish like scales under a microscope. They are held together by a "cement" like substance called "Intercellular Cement". The main function of your Cuticles is to protect the inside of your hair. When we lose this Cement, our Cuticles start seperating and hooking together, and this is what causes "Split Ends". When the cuticles are not lying flat, colour pigment will also slip through these cuticles, causing colour to fade and become brassy.
We lose Intercellular Cement on a daily basis. A simple thing like brushing your hair, or the wind blowing will take out this Cement. 
We lose a tremendous amount of Cement when we use a hairdryer and, even worse, a hot iron without a professional heat protector as well as over processing colour or doing hilights with a lower grade product.
There are lots of treatments out there for split ends but my all time favourite is REDKEN’s Color Extend Total Recharge treatment (R365). This treatment is packed full of Intercellular Cement/ Ceramides which reinforces your cuticles and strengthens your hair, thus also protecting your colour.
Argan Oil is also the new wonder drug for the hair, and this also repairs and guards against split ends. (Dikson Argabeta 100ml R320 is my favourite)
Most of the products you buy off the shelf, only coat the hair as the molecules are too big to penetrate into the hair. That is why there is a price difference between professional and off the shalf products.
Having regular hair cuts every 4-6 weeks will also help keep those split ends at bay.
Good luck sorting your ends out!
MIRRORS hair lab

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