Question: What can I do if I have a skin condition?

Hi Dr, I have a 14 year old and who has had eczema all her life. The thing is that she's now getting into a stage whereby she keeps herself indoors and wears something to cover up her arms even if it's hot. What can really help her as we've tried almost every ointment on the shelf! We are worried and concerned.


I’m so sorry to hear of this. The fact is that in cases like eczema, psoriasis and in fact MOST inflammatory skin conditions… the problem is not on top… the problem is INSIDE. So lotions and creams might make it feel better for a while, but they are certainly not going to give you any long term relief or in any way cure the problem. We need to investigate what internal imbalance or deficiency is causing this problem and treat the cause inside, not just the skin or the manifestation that you see on the skin. We would love to help you. Won’t you please bring your daughter in to one of our branches so that we can have one of the doctors assist you correctly? You can find the nearest branch to you at

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