Question: What can I do to prevent motion sickness?

Why do some people get motion sickness and how can it be prevented and treated?


Motion sickness occurs in response to certain types of movement, whether it is the person or what they are looking at that is moving. Motion sickness is not considered a diseases as any person can get it. Some people are particularly sensitive to motion sickness and very little can be done before they fall ill. To some extent, though not entirely, motion sickness is thought to occur when the information in the brain receives mismatched information from the inner ear balance mechanisms, also known as the vestibular system, versus what the eyes ‘see’.

There are different methods you can try to prevent motion sickness or reduce its effects, such as looking at an earth-fixed object or sitting in the front seat of a car when travelling. Some find that closing their eyes is the best way to avoid confusion. Make sure there is plenty of fresh air and use relaxation techniques if you have anxiety.

Ginger is believed to ease the symptoms of motion sickness if you are not keen on taking medication before getting sick. Try chewing on raw ginger or make tea using fresh ginger to help reduce the feeling of motion sickness.

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