Question: What Can I Use For Pigmentation?

What can I use for pigmentation?


Good day to you. You’ve asked a very “short” question to an extremely broad problem. Pigmentation is such a HUGE subject and there are so many prescriptions for pigmentation, but it is such a tricky problem to treat and there are definitely some things we have to know before we can give any advice or prescriptions for this issue. I need to know what caused the pigmentation (is it hormonal? Or is it from the sun? or did you put something on your skin that caused this?), is it over a huge area and does it appear in patches? Is it HYPER-pigmentation (ie it has become darker than the rest of your skin), or is it HYPO-pigmentation (ie it has become lighter than the rest of your skin)? What skin type are you (ie What colour is your normal skin)? We also need to look at your skin under the Wood’s lamp, as we need to ascertain whether the pigmentation is deep, or superficial, as we treat these differently.
As a “generic” prescription, I highly recommend the use of retinol (Skin Medica, Skin Ceuticals and Lamelle make great products for pigmentation containing retinol). I also highly recommend that you come in for a proper skin analysis as we will most likely have to do some resurfacing treatments (possibly peels or laser), depending on the type of pigmentation you have.
What you can definitely do with immediate effect, is to start using a broad spectrum sunblock every single day (at LEAST and SPF 30).I highly recommend the Heliocare products.

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