Question: What Can One Use To Combat The Effects Of Eczema?

What can one use to combat the effects of eczema?


Thank-you for your question. It’s quite a difficult one to answer. There are a few things you need to keep in mind here: 1) What is causing your eczema, and are you doing whatever it takes to remove the cause? (For some people products are involved, for others its certain types of foods, for others it is allergies or it is related to respiratory stresses). 2) How does your eczema affect you and where on your body does it affect you? I would say, from the limited information I have about your particular case, you should consider taking Lamelle’s Ovelle tablets, which has a whole host of benefits for the skin. Use a good barrier repair cream and make sure you always use a broad spectrum sunblock (Lamelle also offers these products).

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