Question: What Causes Blemishes And How Can One Get Rid Of Them?

What causes blemishes and how can one get rid of them?


Thanks so much for your question. It’s quite a large one to answer, as there could be so many things responsible for this problem. The list can be anything from hormonal imbalances to injury on the skin, to poor choice of homecare products, lack of using sun protection, it could even be related to your dietary habits. The best course of action is firstly to establish what the cause is and do your best eliminate that problem, and then to make sure you get yourself the necessary products and treatments to ensure you treat what is already visible on your skin and to try and prevent any further blemishes. Establishing the cause of the problem may require the assistance of an aesthetic doctor to help you. I would suggest that you consider possibly seeing and aesthetic Dr to help you with 1) establishing the cause of your problem, 2) prescribing the best treatments and 3) to put you on a program with a therapist who can help you get the best products and perform the necessary treatments to help you.

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