Question: What Is The Best Skin Product For My Age And Skin Type? I Am 29-years-old And Have A Fritzpatrick Skin Type 4.

What is the best skin product for my age and skin type? I am 29-years-old and have a Fritzpatrick Skin Type 4.


Hello and thank you for your question.

Finding the right skin care products for your specific concerns and skin type is always a challenge. A skin analysis with a Visia machine and a consult with a specialist in skin care such as one of our knowledgeable therapists or doctors are valuable tools to focusing your quest. There are also few principles to keep in mind when looking for a skin care regime. Firstly, it is good to challenge and stimulate your skin by changing or adding to your normal skin care regime approximately every six months. Keep the basics in mind: Cleanse & Exfoliate & Tone (Detox), Stimulate, Feed, Hydrate and Protect. I recommend to patients to add a serum to their normal skin care regime to maintain the skin’s glow and freshness as well as address specific concerns they may be experiencing in with their skin at that time such as dryness during winter months. Dermaheal by Lamelle is a fantastic range for early stages of aging which stimulate cell turnover and increase collagen production giving skin that healthy glow. I recommend the Dermaheal Daily Cellular Repair Cream loaded with Growth Factors and Peptides; Lamelle Cathepzyme 1 to exfoliate skin twice a week for normal or oily skin and the Lamelle Hydrating serum daily to increase hydration for that glow. Don’t forget an absolute essential to all proper skin care is an spf of at least 30 to protect your skin.

I hope this helps in your journey to healthy and vibrant skin!

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