Question: What Is Your Opinion About Waxing? Does It Not Damage The Skin Seeing That It Is Ripping Hair Out At The Roots?

What is your opinion about waxing? Does it not damage the skin seeing that it is ripping hair out at the roots?


Thanks for this great question. I certainly think that waxing has its place. I do feel, however, that the results are operator and product dependant, and then of course there is customer compliance. It doesn’t help you have a terrific wax with great results, and then the customer doesn’t wear their sunblock every day and ends up with loads of pigmentation. Or the customer doesn’t exfoliate and moisturise and ends up with a bunch of ingrown hairs. I do feel that there are some products (wax-wise) that are not “skin friendly”, and then there are some therapists out there who are just not confident, well experienced “waxers”. But in answering your question, if a wax is done very well, the skin that you lose from a wax should not be any more than that of a nice “deep” exfoliation, and as long as the customer is given the appropriate advice and products to use at home to maintain that waxed area, it’s a good treatment.

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