Question: What Other Ways Are There To Treat Split Ends Without Having To Trim Your Hair? I’m Trying To Grow My Hair To Mid-back Length As Quickly As Possible.

What other ways are there to treat split ends without having to trim your hair? I'm trying to grow my hair to mid-back length as quickly as possible.


Hey Wendy

Unfortunately cutting is the only way to get your hair to grow out healthy from any kind of prior service. Anyone who tells you different is just trying to get money out of you. You can try and treat the problem for maximum a week, but there after you’ll end up back at square one. Once your hair has split it is impossible to repair it again. Treatments are only a maintenence source not the solution to split ends. In essence, to keep your hair looking healthy and growing you would have to give it a trim every 8 to 10 weeks.

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