Question: What process should my stylist take to perm and dye at the same time?

Hi Phepa, I cut my hair and started growing it naturally its soft and curly.... but I would like to dry curl or perm it and dye it in between the colours of dark pink and dark purple what steps does my stylist need to take and what products should I buy for this process?


I would not recommend you doing both of these processes at the same time. Its two heavy chemical processes that is going to end up badly damaging if not breaking your hair. I would recommend you do the perm and then again get coloured extensions to put in your hair.

This way your hair will stay healthy. I would recommend going to your stylist for a perm and not doing it at home as you could damage your hair. To keep your curls nice through the day you can use L’Oreal Curl Mousse or the Moroccan Curl Smoothing Cream to help keep the curls together and avoid frizzing.

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