Question: What product should I use for pigmentation?

What product should I use for pigmentation?


Pigmentation is quite a tricky thing to treat, and this is why a lot of people experience disappointment when trying various products, because, to choose the correct product for YOU, you have to identify and understand the type of pigmentation that YOU have. So if you have hormonal pigmentation, you are going to treat this slightly differently from someone who has pigmentation due to sun damage, for example. If you have no other issues on your skin, and you simply want to focus on superficial pigmentation, then you need to use a good brand that focusses on treating this. I have seen great results with the Obagi NuDerm System, as well as the Lamelle Luminesce range. It is also quite important to also do treatments to help remove the pigmentation that is already there… unfortunately using the great products are only part of the solution. For deep pigmentation, Obagi products combined with their peel treatments, or Cosmelan or Dermamelan treatment and maintenance are really the way to go. But as I’ve mentioned, firstly determining exactly WHAT pigmentation you have is the most important step, so we need to look at the pigmentation under a woods lamp or by using a Visia machine and ask you some important questions to determine the triggers of your pigmentation, and then working out the correct tailor-made plan for you would be the next step. You are welcome to contact us to help you with this at any one of our Skin Renewal branches.

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