Question: What skincare range would you recommend for sensitive skin?

I am 28 years old next month and have always had problem free skin. I've noticed, however, that in the recent years it has become more sensitive. What skincare range would you recommend for sensitive skin? Being an engineer, I find myself being exposed to many pollutants in a plant environment. Right now, I am recovering from intense sunburn after my honeymoon, and my skin has never looked worse - patchy and peeling. I just want to hydrate my skin, and have that youthful glow it once had while preventing aging and wrinkles.


Thank you for your enquiry. For the issues and symptoms you are currently describing, you would do well to have a look at these ranges: 1) Lamelle Serra and 2) Lamelle Nourish. Using one or possibly even a combination regime made up of select products from these 2 particular ranges, would definitely help you where you’re currently at. You are more than welcome to make contact with your nearest Skin Renewal Branch if we can help you with info or recommendations around these two ranges. You can find your nearest branch on

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