Question: What the different skin breakouts indicate

Dear Doctor Maureen, although I don't have acne, I get the occasional breakouts. I've heard that you can determine the cause of your breakouts by looking at the area of your skin where they are coming up. For example, on the chin it usually indicates that the cause is hormonal. Is there any truth in this? And if so, which area indicates which cause?


Thank-you so much for your question. There do seem to be certain areas that break out more under certain circumstances, however there is no “medical proof” as to why this happens, and it should not be taken as “law” that these breakouts in certain areas are in any way diagnostic. The basic “pattern” is more or less as follows:
Forehead & temples – Stress related
Jawline – Hormonal
Break out around the mouth – Gut issues
Chest, neck and upper back – Combination of hormones and stress
I hope this has answered your question and hope you find it helpful.

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