Question: When should I start using anti-ageing products?

Hi Dr Maureen, I am a 24 years old and feel like I should start using anti-ageing products. As they say, prevention is better is cure! I use sunscreen (30 factor) everyday, are their any other products I can start using now?


Thanks so much for your question. This is very wise of you indeed! Yes, there are some things you can start doing right away to prevent, as well as repair. At the very least I would suggest 3 things:

1)      The use of your sunblock is very important, but be sure that the brand you are using contains UVA and UVB protection, and preferably some sort of anti-oxidant or anti-oxidant complex. I can highly recommend Heliocare.

2)      The use of a good retinol serum at night is highly beneficial as this addresses quite a few anti-ageing concerns, namely, skin cell turn over, texture, pigmentation and the stimulation of the cells that produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin. I can highly recommend Lamelle’s RA cream or Skin Medica’s Retinol Complex.

3)      The use of a cream containing growth factors and peptides for use during the day. This is preventative as well as repairing damage that has already been done to the skin. I highly recommend something like Lamelle’s Intensive Cellular Regeneration Serum or Skin Medica’s Essential Serum or Recovery Complex.

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