Question: Where Can I Get A Good Tutorial On Facial Contouring? Is There A Site Or Specific Video You Can Recommend?

Where can I get a good tutorial on facial contouring? Is there a site or specific video you can recommend?


Hey Bronwyn

Thanks to the ideas of many out there, Youtube will be your best way to get a quick guide to applying your make-up in a certain way at a fraction of the cost. You can search for all kinds of things from how to apply bronzer to how to apply your foundation to highlight certain features of your face. Sometimes reading about the different ways to do this can be hard to understand if you don’t get to see it so if you are looking for a more visual aspect to applying your make-up then this would be a good place to start. Yoiu can even use your own make-up at the same time so it will be like taking a class. You might not find everything you are looking for so if need be drop me a mail and I’ll fill in the blanks

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