Question: Which ‘natural’ ingredients are beneficial to skin?

I know the importance of active ingredients in skincare products, and as a result I don't use "natural" skincare products. However, I'm quite interested to know, which "natural" ingredients would you say are actually beneficial to the skin? On moisturising, anti-ageing and general health of the skin levels.


Thank-you very much for your question, I’m actually very glad you have asked this. I think the first thing we have to clarify is the use of the term, “natural”. Many of the very active ingredients in the Cosmeceutical products are by no means “unnatural”. What is comes down to is the following:

1) What is the ingredient
2) What FORM is the ingredient in? For example there are MANY different types of Vitamin C
3) What is the concentration of the active ingredient? How much of the ingredient is actually in the product?

If you think about it, some of the greatest skin care ingredients are vitamins, growth factors, peptides and fruit acids, which are all “natural” ingredients, but if those ingredients are not in the right form, or not in a high enough concentration, then it is not going to give you significant results.
If you want a great cocktail of natural ingredients that are really going to pack a punch when it comes to a healthy, strong, radiant skin, then you want your products to contain these (again, in the right form and in high concentrations), and these are just a few:

Hyaluronic Acid for moisture
Glycolic Acid and Lactic acid for mild resurfacing and hydration
Growth Factors for healing and anti-ageing
Vitamin A (preferably retinol) – This is really the “master vitamin” for the skin
Vitamin C – Anti-oxidant and brightening
Ferulic Acid – Anti-oxidant and natural sunscreen
Kojic Acid, Liquorice extract – Pigmentation inhibitors

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