Question: Which Products Work For Acne Spots Treatment?

Which products work for acne spots treatment?


Thanks so much for your question. It’s quite a broad one for me to answer, so let me try and give you the best advice I can. Firstly, there are many things that are classified as “acne spots”, and to choose the right product or treatment is going to depend on exactly what “spots” you are looking at. If they are dark spots that have stayed behind on the skin after having had a pimple on that spot, you’re looking at treating a condition called PIH. If this is the case, you are going to have to let us have a look at you to see how bad and how deep the spots are, as some of these can be sorted out with products, others may need a bit of laser or possibly treatment with TCA. On the other hand… if you are talking spots, as in, there are active, infected acne lesions on your skin, then we need to look at treating the cause and not just the symptoms. So you need to consider if it is bad enough for you to go onto anti-biotics, or if it is not that severe, we can easily put your onto products and treatments that will sort this out for you. In this case I would highly recommend the Lamelle Clarity Range and the use of their Acnevelle tablets. I would also suggest you go for monthly superficial chemical peels (such as a salicylic acid peel or an Azelan Peel). Then, there is also small scars that people get after having had acne, and these are also commonly referred to as “acne spots”. If this is the case, then we have to consider an entirely different course of action, as products are NOT going to take those away. These need treatments with a good maintenance homecare routine. You may have to consider some peels and laser therapy, and in severe cases possibly Dermaroller. I hope I’ve managed to help you with your query. Please do not hesitate to contact me again for more info.

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