Question: Why Does The Elbow Skin Get Darker With Age Despite Scrubbing & Moisturising Regularly? Will Sunscreen Help At All?

Why does the elbow skin get darker with age despite scrubbing & moisturising regularly? Will sunscreen help at all?


Great question! As we get older our skin’s natural turnover rate becomes sluggish and slow so there is that nasty build up of skin tissue. Add to this the fact that all our damage that we did to ourselves in our youth also starts to come to the surface, so sun damage and any injury we’ve had to the dermis becomes so much more visible. Yes, sunblock will certainly help if you are disciplined and make sure you apply it EVERY day. But you will also have to make sure you get that cell turnover to speed up again, by using exfoliating enzymes, and possibly even going for some chemical exfoliations in a medcal clinic, just to kick start the process. Neostrata makes a great product that you can use on elbows, knees and even heels with a lot of dry skin build up. It’s called Problem Dry Skin Cream. Get yourself a good sunblock, a good exfoliator and some of that cream. You’re going to have to be patient and diligent about using these for a good three months to start seeing the effects – remember it’s taken you years to get your skin into this condition, so there’s no quick fix.

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