Question: Winter Skin Blues

Hi Dr Allem I tend to have dry skin. I prefer to use aqueous cream in summer. I find my skin gets drier in winter. What brand would you recommend for this? I know there are a lot of great products, however you I've tried a lot. Maybe I need more hydration? I prefer creams to lotions. Lotions tend to dry out quicker. Regards, Lerato


Hi there Lerato. Thank you for your question. You may not like what I’m going to tell you, but you may find that using the aqueous cream all the way through summer is what is giving you the "hassles" in the winter. What you are essentially doing is applying a product that is occlussive, meaning it sits very superficially in the skin, giving the skin a comfortable feeling, but it does not penetrate or give your skin any form of nourishment or hydration… so basically, in very simple terms… you’re starving your skin all summer long, and when winter comes, and your skin needs all the help it can get… it is depleted and cannot protect you at all, so it loses all it’s moisture and becomes dry and uncomfortable. Simple solution… Get yourself Lamelle’s Nourish Revitalize Lite Moisturiser to use in the summer months and then in the winter months you step it up to the Nourish Revitalize Cream. Always remember, winter or summer you should always use a good facial sunblock over your moisturiser to protect your skin from sun damage and pigmentation.

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