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Matric dance hairstyles
Inspiration from the red carpet for perfect matric hairstyles. A variety of glamorous ways to style your hair on this special occasion.


Start your own veggie garden
Planting a vegetable garden is an inspiring way to grow your own fresh produce and lower your carbon footprint. With just some basic equipment and a sunny location, one can start planning a garden full of your favourite veggies.


Sunscreens we love
Reviews of popular sunscreen lotions and sprays for effective sun protection. Especially with our sunny climate in South Africa, we should all be knowledgeable about the best ways to protect our skin.


Styling iron showdown
A comparison of popular hair straighteners and their features. It’s important to use a great product if you are heat styling your hair frequently.


Dark spots
Many people develop dark spots or hyperpigmentation. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to minimize and prevent these skin blemishes.


Organic and natural buys 
Affordable make-up and skincare products that are both effective and allow us to do our best for the planet.


Shellac nails
A Shellac manicure offers much longer lasting nail colour than traditional nail polish and should provide no chipping. Although a simple process, this needs to be done at a Salon as a UV Lamp is required.


Airbrush make-up
Airbrush makeup has been popular in Hollywood for many years – now it is available for professional and personal use. Recommended for dermatologists, this is a great solution for flawless skin.


Ellie Goulding 
Tips for recreating singer Ellie Goulding’s look – from hair to makeup. This fresh-faced look provides a radiant, youthful appearance.


Foundation comes in many varieties – liquid, powder, mineral, mousse and more. Discover the difference between these foundation options with regards to skin coverage and application.

Stretch marks
Stretch marks are essentially scarring of the skin. Ideally, one should prevent stretch marks with sensible lifestyle choices but laser therapy can be used as treatment.

Top diets
Losing weight and healthy eating are always a popular topic of conversation. A look at some of the most talked about diets of 2012 – from the Paleo diet to the Dukan diet and more.


Celeb hairstyles
A look at some of the latest celebrity hairstyle trends, including looks from Ellie Goulding, Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift. Sophisticated and trendy hairstyle ideas for different colours and lengths.

Celebrity slim
A look at some of the latest celebrity hairstyle trends, including looks from Ellie Goulding, Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift. Sophisticated and trendy hairstyle ideas for different colours and lengths.

ace shape

When choosing the right hairstyle for you, it’s vital to consider your face shape. The shape and geometry of a hairstyle has the ability to frame and balance your face.

ond’s Age Miracle
Ponds Age Miracle is the brand’s first anti-aging range. This range of products, to be used day and night, promises to help women interested in minimizing the effects of aging on their skin.

Optiphi peel facial
OptiPhi is an award-winning range of cosmeceuticals. The optiPhi facial peel can reduce the appearance of fine lines, blemishes and sun damage through effective exfoliation.

Bonang Matheba 

Emulate local beauty Bonang Matheba’s flawless look. Announced as South Africa’s first Revlon ambassador, we share details on how to recreate her gorgeous hair and make-up.

alon treatments

Some of the most popular hair salon treatments are discussed in terms of their effectiveness and longevity. These recommendations will assist one in knowing what to ask your stylist for when you next visit the hair salon.

et Gelish

Gelish is applied like traditional nailpolish but works like a gel – resulting in glossy, stylish nails. This long-wearing mani comes in a variety of fashionable colours.


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