BSA goes on a juice detox

Friday, 25 July 2014

BSA juice detox

I’d been hearing about all these juice detox programmes for a while and read up on the pros and cons of following one. I have always been sceptical about them, as I didn’t really understand the point or see the real value in only drinking juice for a number of days. How will veggies and fruits mixed into a drink boost my immunity? How will it cleanse my system? How will it make my skin glow? Where will I get my source of protein from?

Enter: Tim, from Orchard on Long. The founder and owner of a juice bar situated in the heart of the Mother City, in Long Street. A juice bar that serves cold pressed juices, using a special Norwalk hydraulic press juicer (the best in the industry) and a number of healthy meals. I took the time to meet with Tim so he could clear all negative thoughts I had, and in turn, show me how embarking on a 3-day juice cleanse could, in fact, do wonders. He showed me how it could do wonders for a person like me who suffers from ulcerative colitis (inflammatory bowel disease) and a person who just needs a good ol’ cleanse. Nicky, BSA’s advertising guru, and I put this to the test. Here is our report in a condensed form:


Day 1
I started off with a glass of hot water with lemon to wake my system up. Drank my first juice, which was full of greens that offered me lots of protein and vitamins that gave me an immediate boost. Tim especially gave me a juice to help with my colitis, which consisted mainly of cabbage. I had two of these a day. My other juices were also all alkali-based so that they didn’t irritate my stomach issues more. I worked my way through each juice according to what Tim suggested. My second last juice for the day was actually coconut water. It was very easy to drink although I was so full from already drinking 5 juices. For dinner I had my last “juice,” which was in fact an Orchard on Long almond milk. This was my favourite one to drink. It was very comforting and filling. By the end of the day I had an extremely bad headache (actually, a migraine) but this is because my body started taking to the detox.

Day 2
I woke up feeling terrible. I didn’t think I could carry on. Tim was there to motivate me and assure me it was normal and that my body was just reacting. I had to conceptualise that I was drinking a lot of veggies compressed into a bottle in a short amount of time. He told me to drink each juice slowly and that if I couldn’t finish one, I must listen to my body. So I did. He also suggested drinking ginger tea (. This definitely helped me too. I didn’t finish all 6 that day. I skipped the coconut water and only drank half my almond milk. By the evening my headache had subsided. This was definitely the hardest day for me but I pulled through and was ready to tackle my last day.

Day 3
I woke up feeling great. Maybe it was because I knew it was my last day, but also because I knew I was giving my system a fresh start. I tackled all 6 juices this day, drinking lots of water in-between, which is quite hard, as you can feel bloated from all the liquid. I also only managed to drink 4 out of the 6 juices. I was full and didn’t want to force my body anymore.

Day 4
I really felt incredible, I felt this sense of lightness if I can explain it like that. I had done it. I never veered off course and stuck to the cleanse 100% so I could really reap the benefits. I had energy. Lots of it! I will say that it isn’t for everyone. You really have to want to do it and do it for a reason. I did it to help settle my colitis and get me on track for my healthy eating plan. It was one of the hardest things I have done and it really tested my will power to the max! I will do this again, but next time in summer. The cold weather didn’t make it easy.


Day 1
Besides the bloat, I’m feeling good during the day. The flu symptoms I woke up and struggled with during the morning seem to have subsided so that’s a good sign. The juices are really tasty and are pretty generous 500ml portions, so I’m not feeling at all hungry. They’re also pretty rich if you take into account how much goes into one juice (about 1-1.5kg of vegetables & fruit).

I actually struggle to get through The Panda at lunchtime and decide I might hold off my next one until I get home because of how full I’m feeling. While dinner is cooked for the rest of the house, I retreat to my bedroom because the food smells are beginning to kill me. I fall asleep and dream about getting into trouble for being dehydrated and make a mental note to drink more water tomorrow.

Day 2
I wake up with the worst headache and excruciating shoulder and neck pain. This is a pre-existing issue I’ve been struggling with over the last few weeks but I immediately think it might have something to do with the fact that my body is detoxing. Thankfully the headache disappears after I shower and brush my teeth but I am feeling pretty nauseous. Strangely enough despite the nausea I’m feeling pretty energetic.

Post-lunch my headache is disappearing and I’m feeling okay again. In the car on my way home I glug down the Beetroot Buzz and realise how convenient these bottles of juice are for “eating” on the run. I’m finding this cleanse is making me incredibly anti-social because I don’t want to be around food but thankfully my family and work colleagues are being supportive, which gives me the willpower to want to complete it. I go to sleep with a headache, hoping that it’s gone by the time I wake up.

Day 3
My headache is gone and I’m feeling surprisingly good. It’s the third and final day of the cleanse and I must admit, I’m quite excited about this. I’m feeling energetic, light and my skin’s looking good. Despite the last couple of days being difficult I know that even though I haven’t felt fantastic, it always has to get worse before it can get better. I haven’t cheated once, have managed to drink all of my juices (apparently some people struggle to manage 5 in one day) and considering the amount of fresh veggies & fruit in one juice I’ve consumed a large amount of nutrients.

Have you ever embarked on a juice detox before? What was your experience?

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  1. Ashmitha Ramgathi

    I juice every morning but proceed to eat usually throughout the day. This article has me considering trying a juice detox!

    4 years ago •

  1. Hess

    Wow, I’m so inspired to try this now. Body spring cleaning :)

    5 years ago •

  1. Sashnee Rambaly

    I’m so going to try this.

    5 years ago •

  1. Cornelli

    I might try this out! I’m in serious need of a detox!

    5 years ago •

  1. Hayleigh Chamberlain

    Did you guys by any chance notice a difference in your weight over the three days? And this is going to sound super gross, sorry, but did you get a runny stomach on the 2nd or 3rd day? Otherwise loved the read and makes me less scared to give juicing a try! Thanx! Hayls xxx

    5 years ago •

    1. BeautySouthAfrica

      Hi Hayleigh, there were no complaints of this nature :)

      5 years ago •

    1. BeautySouthAfrica

      Also, you do notice a slight change in weight, but it should not be considered for a quick weight loss solution.

      5 years ago •

      1. Hayleigh Chamberlain

        Ah I see, thanks so much :D xxx

        5 years ago •

  1. NaturalDiva

    Sounds like a brutal thing to do but obviously the benefits outweigh the headaches etc. And the fact that it is only 3 – 4 days long is comforting. Its not like you will be starving yourself.

    5 years ago •

  1. AndreaM

    I would love to try a juice detox.

    5 years ago •

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