Seduce her with chocolate

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Seduce her with chocolate!I’m sure you’ve all read the statistic that says that women prefer chocolate to sex, and indeed, a poll by Cadbury showed that 52% of women would rather eat chocolate than spend time between the sheets.

You may think chocolate obsession is a bit overrated, but when the girl in your life (or the one you want in your life) feeds her cravings, it only benefits you. Here’s how you can seduce her with chocolate.

Boost her mood

It’s not just the luring scent, the silky texture or the moan-worthy flavour she loves: physiologically, chocolate is a mood-booster as well. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which creates feelings of positive energy that are said to mimic those of falling in love. Plus, recent studies show that the tryptophan in chocolate also ups serotonin levels in the brain, which will fill her with feelings of happiness. Here’s why this matters, guys: If you’re standing on her doorstep with a box of chocolates in your hands, she’ll want to indulge – in the chocolate and, hopefully, you!

Show her your passion

Throughout history, chocolate has been considered a symbol of romance, passion and love. Some sources say the link between chocolate and passion goes back to the Aztecs, who served the dessert at their wedding ceremonies. Today, couples show their passion on special chocolate-themed holidays. According to Nielsen, just this past Valentine’s Day, consumers spent more than $320 million (R2 541 million) on chocolates alone!

Indulge her sweet tooth

Granted, when a girl uses the word ‘sweet’ to describe a guy, it can sometimes be the kiss of death. Sometimes, though, sweet is exactly what she wants. Gift a girl with dark chocolate (not any of that white or milk chocolate stuff) as it has a richer taste and also may have some great health benefits. Also, insist on ordering dessert at dinner. If you’ve ever watched your girl dip a fork into a piece of chocolate cake and then see her close her eyes and smile when she takes that first bite, you’ll no longer be able to dispute the effects it has on the ladies.

Make yourself irresistible

What does chocolate have that you don’t? A strong appeal to her taste buds, for one thing. Amp up your game by taking her to a Mexican restaurant for some savoury mole sauce, which contains an astonishing 30 or more ingredients, including chocolate! On the other hand, you can make your fragrance the final sweet spot of the evening. Try AXE Dark Temptation body spray, which is a deodorant with an irresistible chocolate-inspired fragrance that’ll help you grab her attention and appeal to her sweet tooth.

Be her sweet

Sure, girls want guys to think they’re hot, sexy and unstoppably gorgeous. But they also want you to see their other side: the one you’d call pretty and sweet. And by choosing to give her gifts that symbolise just how sweet you think she is, you’re getting some serious brownie points for the future. Compliment her charming qualities, tantalise her taste buds and seduce her with scent. It will make her want to cuddle up to you at the end of the night for the best treat of all.

Apparently, the reason women prefer chocolate to sex is because chocolate never disappoints. Make sure you don’t fall into the disappointing category by following our seduction tips!

Written by Amy Spencer, this article originally appeared in AskMen

IMAGE: Maksim Toome/

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  1. Glamorous Glitter

    With Valentines Day around the corner, this is definitely a great read!

    7 years ago •

  1. GoldenShimmeringCloud

    Hmm, I wonder how nice the ‘time between the sheets’ is for these women that rather eat chocolate.. I mean.. I love chocolate but..
    Oh and I LOVE the Dark Temptation body spray by Axe! My lover used it, I didn’t know it was inspired by chocolate.. but it smells very sexy and masculine.

    Okay. Now I’m hungry.

    7 years ago •

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