The good, the bad and the ugly about detoxing

Tuesday, 28 June 2016


BSA reader, Bianca Helberg, recently started drinking herbal teas and noticed a difference in her skin tone and her tummy bloating levels. She was keen to try a detox but one that didn’t involve starving herself or eating only vegetables for weeks on end. She also wanted to know if there were any supplements or products that taken along with a balanced diet, would deliver noticeable results.

We asked Dr Maurits Kruger, our Health Renewal expert, for some advice.

Demystify the detox

One of the negative effects of todays’ modern world is the rising level of toxicity our bodies has to cope with. Industrialization and modern farming techniques have significantly increased our exposure to toxins that did not exist in our environment centuries ago. This has increased the need for regular detoxification and the need to support the natural detoxification pathways of the body.

The more we consume inflammatory and unhealthy substances, the harder our natural detoxification system has to work; and sometimes it just can’t keep up. Combinations of environmental, metabolic and dietary factors have made it really hard for this system to work at full force, so it needs your help. It can take up to two weeks for the body to process things like sugar, wheat and alcohol, so the sooner you decide to start a cleanse, the sooner your mind and body will be feeling healthy and revitalised.

Detox do’s

  1. Make sure that you drink at least 2 litres of clean, filtered water every day and that you have at least 7 to 8 hours of good quality sleep.
  2. Avoid all sugar, gluten, dairy, caffeine and alcohol during the detox as all of these add to your toxic load.
  3. Minimise your consumption of saturated fat from animal origin and also consume minimal amounts of meat, unless the meat is organic and free-range.
  4. Make sure you are consuming plenty of fibre from fruit and vegetables, and that your gut is working well. Constipation will completely derail your detoxification and you will reabsorb all the toxins back into your body.

Detox don’ts

  1. Most people make one fatal mistake when they detox. They do too much, too soon. A sudden change in your diet can send your body’s responses into overdrive. This could lead to an abrupt flood of headaches, mood swings, skin issues and even nausea. Avoid all the nasty side effects of detoxing by easing into your diet change.
  2. Resist the urge to have a junk food ‘binge’ the night before. Start by gradually cutting back on alcohol, sugar and caffeine in the fortnight before your detox, it will give your body the time it needs to adjust.
  3. If you’re a hardcore junk food addict, do not go cold turkey. Try preparing and eating healthier but equally tasty alternatives a few weeks before.

Supplementary angles

There are many products that can assist you with detoxification, but your life-style choices are also crucial during your detox. Taking supplements or teas for detoxification while you have a very poor, toxic diet and life-style will not be very effective.

The most basic place to start is by supporting your liver with supplements containing ingredients such as Milk Thistle. Advaclear and Liverscript are two good examples of two such products.

At our Skin Renewal Medical Aesthetic Skin Care Centres we also have several medical foods that contain a myriad of ingredients that are focused on detoxification, such as Ultraclear and Ultraclear Renew from Metagenics.

We also provide “Total Body Cleanse” by a company from New Zealand called Good Health, which offers a whole body detox.

But be aware that detoxification can also become more complex if you have specific problems. If you have a lot of bloating you may have Candida in your gut. You will need to include something in your detox that will address this issue.

Some people may have had heavy metal exposure and will need specialised products to remove these metals. Make an appointment to see one of our Health Renewal doctors if you would like some expert guidance with your detox.

If you make these life-style changes in conjunction with taking supplements for detoxification, you will get fantastic results.

Got a health question for Dr Maurits Kruger?  You can ask him here.


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    I feel like i should detox but I love my chocolate way too much!

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    Very informative, some people can take detoxing into extreme measures.

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