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No time for touch ups during the day? Here are our top tips for keeping that foundation on all day long:

1. Choosing the right formula of foundation
Different formulas of foundation are designed for different skin types. Just because you like the packaging doesn’t mean it’s right for you. If you have dry skin, use a cream or liquid foundation. If you have oily skin, go for oil-free formulas, powder or mineral foundation.

2. Exfoliate and moisturise
By exfoliating and moisturising your skin you are allowing your foundation and the rest of your make-up to go on smoother and look good for longer. Remember – your foundation sits on top of your skin.

3. Prime, prime, prime
Never skip this step. It is the setting step for your foundation and one that will also help you save on product. A primer creates a flawless canvas for your foundation and helps hold it in place and prolong wear.

4. Use the right tools to apply it
Apply your foundation with a foundation brush. This will help deliver the correct amount you need, effortlessly onto your skin. If you are applying mineral or powder foundation, use a fluffy powder brush or kabuki brush to help buff on the product properly.

5. Less is more
This tip applies to most make-up products. Start off with less foundation on your brush and gradually apply more if you need to.

6. Use a finishing powder
If you are using a liquid or cream foundation it is always best to finish off your look with a dusting of finishing / translucent powder. This helps seal your foundation and stops it from “sliding” down your face. Think of it as a top coat, like you apply on your nails as the last step of your manicure.

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  1. You could also use a beauty blender for tapping or blending in your foundation for a more flawless finish, after you’ve prepped your skin and put on some primer

  2. A trick I recently discovered by accident is applying a bit of Vaseline actually helps hold your foundation in place and it stays on for longer

  3. thank you! needed these tips. I have fairy bad skin due to previous acne scarring and by the end of the day my make up looks patchy and has rubbed off in some places. thanks for the help!

  4. There’s nothing more important than looking after your skin before using any makeup. myself exfoliate everyday to keep my skin looking fresh and beautiful. With regards to the tools I think a foundation brush is very limiting, and in most cases depending on the kind of foundation used it streaks. Beauty blenders and compact brushes also work well with foundations, they give a more buffed natural look. Cool article

  5. I never thought exfoliating would help. Definitely going to exfoliate more regularly. Great tips. Will definitely be applying them to my routine!

  6. This is such a good and informative article as women always have to touch up their make up during the day when in fact there are ways of making it last… Thanks so much!

  7. These are really helpful. I do follow them in my make up routine and the results are amazing.. my make up lasts the entire day without any oiliness

  8. thought i was the only one that has these problems but I’m glade I’m not the only one, will be trying the tips hopefully they work.

  9. I have a very oil skin and im always looking for ways to keep my make up looking fresh all day, i’ll definitely try some of these tips.

  10. I must say I am guilty of not applying Primer and this is the most important step! I have acne skin so I can’t exfoliate; I only use my clinique anti-blemish products which help to prevent breakouts which helps a lot. Another thing which I am guilty of is not using a foundation brush. I normally apply my foundation with my fingers which is not the most hygienic thing to do. My first thing on my beaty list is a foundation bush. Do you need to wet your foundation brush when applying foundation?

    1. Hey Rachelle, thanks for your question! From my research, it looks like dampening before use is a personal preference. Some never do, some do only with certain foundations, others don’t at all. One thing you can do is dampen a beauty blender before use and this will give you a fuller coverage. Something to consider:) Hope that helps! – ALéz

  11. After reading this article – I never knew that it was a must to apply a primer before putting on foundation. I always thought moisturizer was enough with a matt finishing spray. I’ve always used a foundation brush, but I’m considering using a beauty blender as I have seen so many Youtubers use on their channels. One product I cannot seem to find is a good but inexpensive translucent powder to finish off my look – is using a matt foundation powder okay to use as a finishing powder? Also I have a question regarding mascara – I have naturally long lashes, that don’t curl well unless I use a lash curler, which type of mascara would be good to use in my case?

    1. Hey Julia! Thank you for your questions. You can definitely use a matt foundation powder at a setting powder, but it’s actually pretty fashionable to just rock a liquid foundation. It makes the skin look more natural. If you are looking for more of a sharp finish, the matte powder is great, but use a setting spray over it to make it look less powdery. If you’re not going to fork over for a setting spray, you can get a bottle of rosewater from Dischem or Clicks, then add a spray nozzle to it. And voila! You have the perfect setting spray.

      As for the right mascara, I have that problem too, but I’m not that phased about curly lashes. I accentuate my lashes with something like Lacôme’s Doll Eyes. After some research it seems like curlers are almost always necessary to set a curl, and the issue is just finding a mascara that can hold it. *BUT* one source ( said that Benefit’s Cosmetics Roller Lash Super-Curling & Lifting Mascara works well enough to replace your curler. You can find out more about the mascara and where to buy it here:

      Hope that helps!

  12. All these steps are definitely a MUST DO for your foundation, I have combination skin & i found that a cream foundation works best (My favourite is the Mac studio sculpt).

    I also find that you can get even more coverage for your foundation by colour correcting….this definitely does wonders & lets your foundation last even longer so you don’t have to go out & buy a new one every single month!

  13. Great tips indeed. I pretty much do everything suggested, but pat my powder on and do not use a powder brush as I do not get the same finish when using a brush and the brush fibers tend to stick onto my face. Any suggestions please? Thanks!

    1. Hi Bev, this might be because your brushes need to be replaced. A lot of brushes may drop a few bristles every now and then, but it if happens on the regular even after cleansing your brushes, it’s time for new ones! – Aléz

  14. After reading this article, I realised that I was using the totally wrong type of foundation (Hello Flawless). It would basically sit on my skin like a waxy film and I would wonder what was wrong.These people at the beauty counters should be more trained than that…but anyway, thanks to this article, I changed my foundation, which I am much happier with.

  15. Thank you for the tips.. Sometimes I don’t even feel like putting on make up cause it never lasts and I have to constantly check myself and it gets too much at times..

  16. These are indeed great tips. I just have a question: “Doesn’t using all these products, on a daily basis, have a negative effect on your skin and pores in the long run?”

  17. Great article. I feel that these tips not only help tome your foundation last longer but also to make it look a lot smoother and more natural thus avoiding the dreaded ‘cake face.’

  18. This article is very helpful. I honestly thought a prime was not necessary as i was going for a natural look. But i tried it out, man is this going to save my foundation! I don’t have have to apply it to much anymore because PRIME!!

  19. This information was very helpful I never knew that translucent powder will make my foundation last longer I tried it and it worked.

    1. Hi Nydine, either are equally good for blending, so it’s really a case of personal preference. We find that a lot of women find the sponge blender easier to perfect :)

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