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Few things are more daunting than the prospect of that first bikini wax. You know it’s going to be uncomfortable (at best) and the fact that it’s in a rather delicate area hardly boosts morale. Fortunately there are a few pointers to help ease the process ¬– stick to these do’s and don’ts for a smooth first wax.

Do – Book your appointment with a reputable salon where you know the therapists practice good hygiene.

Do – Keep calm and take a few deep breaths beforehand to reduce anxiety. If you’re really panicky take two paracetamols to dull your nerves and the pain.

Don’t – Exfoliate directly before the treatment. Tania Botha, owner of Simply Skin beauty salon in Sonstraal, Durbanville, says despite popular belief it’s not necessary to exfoliate before waxing the bikini area. “The skin in this area is very thin so there’s not likely to be much dead skin build up, and exfoliating can increase skin sensitivity which is not ideal. Exfoliating is only necessary if you have ingrown hairs,” she says.

Don’t – Moisturise. Avoid applying lotions to your bikini area on the day as these may prevent the wax from adhering to the hair properly.

Do – Allow your hair to grow for a while before the time. “You need a minimum of half a centimeter of hair growth for a good wax,” says Tania. On the other hand there will be a lot of pulling and breaking if the hair is shaggy. Your therapist will trim any hair that is not the ideal length so don’t worry if you think it might be too long.

Don’t – “Shave between waxes. Choose a system of hair removal and stick with it for maximum efficacy,” advises Tania.

Do – Book a follow-up appointment. As a general rule you should wait three to four weeks between waxing, so book your next appointment with this time frame in mind.

Don’t – Tan beforehand. “Avoid waxing within eight hours of direct sunlight to the area as skin sensitivity increases with heat,” says Tania. Direct sun exposure also increases the risk of skin stripping, which is not otherwise a concern when waxing (unless you’re taking certain medication, see below).

Don’t – Wax if you’re using oral acne drugs or topical steroids. These treatments increase skin sensitivity and may also result in skin stripping when waxing.

Don’t – Expose the area to hot water afterwards. The skin will be extra sensitive so avoid hot baths and showers for several hours after waxing.

Do – Use a mild scrub a few days later once the area is less sensitive. This helps prevent ingrown hairs between treatments.

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  1. I started waxing my bikini area about a year ago. I am now 40, and boy do I regret not starting sooner in my adult life. The pain is well worth the result, and I love how less and less the hair growth has become.

  2. My first wax was extremely painful, and i broke out with pimples but after that, ive been waxing once a month and now the hair takes longer to grow back

  3. I’m very skeptical of do this but im defiantly up to try something new and the tips are helping out alot. cant wait to have my first wax

  4. It is painful, buy so worth it. the more you do it the less painful it becomes also hair growth starts to slow. hair grows softer and thins out over time.

  5. these tips are really useful. you really want to make sure that you exfoliate a few days afterwords and when hair begins to sprout. ingrown hairs are nasty

  6. These tips are on point.Once its done you feel clean and fresh lol.
    Exfoliating a few days after is a must.

    I will admit it is abit painful at first but once the therapist supports and you supporting the area its not that painful.

    So don’t feel skeptical at all and the best thing is your hair wont grow back the next day like when shaving.It would grow back approximately 2weeks depending on your hair growth and it will surely be much softer than shaving.

    So you can do it ladies!! :-)

  7. Waxing is great and really not that painful. I think that the fear is greater than the actual pain. Regrowth is slower and I’ve found that the hair is sparcer.

  8. There is nothing more hygienic than Waxing your bikini area. I go to my salon every nine weeks and have confidence with the salon therapist. The best is to stay with the same salon(therapist) if possible and this will bring confidence.

  9. I really want to try waxing my bikini line but I haven’t found someone I am confident with. I will surely follow these DO’s and Don’ts

  10. I personally am not a fan of waxing as I am not sure If I do it correctly or not. Going to a salon for a bikini wax is not only uncomfortable it cost a lot of money. I will rther stick to the shaving part, but still a good read!

  11. I have been waxing for decades. Once you find someone who does the job properly, go every 4 to 6 weeks and you will build a relationship and trust with your therapist. Should you decide to wax, do not shave, stick it out and the hair will become finer and less over time.

  12. It is said “Don’t Shave between waxes. Choose a system of hair removal and stick with it for maximum efficacy,” advises Tania. What do you recommend? Hair remover maybe?

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