Lancôme brings back memories

Lancome Genifique and Absolue PremiumMy aunt owned a Beauty Salon in Germany in the 70s and there is something about the smell of Lancôme products that takes me back to that time. I thought my aunt and her salon were the very height of sophistication – and so, by association, to me, Lancôme still represents all things sophisticated and glamorous. To this day, my aunt has Lancôme jars of magic potions on her huge dressing table in her bathroom which takes up half of one floor of her house in London (and it has carpets! Quelle luxury!). So as you can imagine, I was quite beside myself when I was given not one but TWO pots of Lancôme magic potion to try. The smell! The yearning for my younger more innocent days. Isn’t it amazing how scent can be so evocative?

Lancôme Genifique Repair Youth Activating Night Cream, R655, 50ml

They say: By screening over 4 000 genes, the Lancôme laboratories have identified the genes involved in the skin barriers renewal process. Genifique Repair Youth Activating Night Cream rebalances the production of proteins in the renewal process of the skin’s barrier. Wake to skin that looks revitalised and rejuvenated. says: This product is the bees knees as far as I’m concerned. Even the jar – all heavy and serious looking – says that this product means business. The delicately scented cream glides on velvety and effortlessly and not much is required, so I know it will last a while.

Lancôme Absolue Premium ßx Advanced Replenishing Cream SPF15, R1 495, 50ml

They say: Absolue Premium ßx cream is designed to restore and replenish the skin by helping it to regain vitality and firmness, and give spectacular results. says: hmm … ‘spectacular’? Them’s some mighty big claims. Look, don’t get me wrong: I am loving this cream (it’s thick and smells divine, and smooths onto my skin deliciously) but I think ‘spectacular’ is a slight exaggeration. My skin does indeed feel nourished and more elastic, but I wouldn’t call it spectacular. Just impressive. Which is just as well, given the price tag.

So for the last few weeks I have been using the Genifique Repair Youth Activating Night Cream and the Absolue Premium ßx, in conjuction with Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector. I am not convinced my wrinkles are any less um wrinkly, but there is a definite improvement in my complexion. It looks sort of glowy. And the random pigment mark (I refuse to entertain the idea that it might have been an age spot) that just appeared above my lip a few weeks ago (LITERALLY overnight), has faded so much it’s virtually gone. Nice.


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  1. True, the Genifique Range looks and feel it means business. I just love that after I’ve applied it, the skin absorbs it fast. I’m not a skin person as well, until spots and lines started to show.

  2. Oh lancome! Im one of the loyal follower specially the genifique range, i use it for my maintance after my yearly facial treatment. Its really a value for money coz a bottle goes a long way you only need a little amount for application, same thing with the facial cleaser, and night cream. (thanks to the sales rep at Edgars) the result shows immediately, i cant help but to say “freshness” in front of the mirror after nightly routine with lancome.????
    Forget about La Mer!

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