black|Up 2 in 1 lip pencil

This 2 in 1 lip pencil comes with a pencil sharpener and a jumbo lead. It’s the perfect beauty accessory to get a sophisticated colour scale and redesign lip volumes. Applied to the entire lip, it makes a base to even out two-tone lips, intensify lipstick or lipgloss or increase make-up hold. Its semi matt texture covers the lips in beautiful veil of luminous velvety colour and provides long lasting hold. Available in 12 shades.

Availability: Black|Up counters nationwide

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17 Responses

  1. love this product with the added sharpener its amaze,the colour is matte and its just so vibrant

  2. I simply love this lip pencil. It is moisturising and sheer. It has a beautiful velvet touch and can be worn as a lip liner or a lipstick. The colourslast very long and isn’t transfer resistant. The best part about this amazing product is that the colours are suitable for darker skin tone without looking strange.

  3. Love it! Need me some YESTERDAY! I love that is comes with the sharpener as well, how deliciously fantastic!

  4. Must have and awsome colours. Ive seen the product at expos but not in stores, were do you get it?

  5. Great reviews ladies!!! Drooling over the lovely shades,..especially choc brown ones..

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