Pantene 2-Minute Deep Smoothing Mask

Intensively smoothes hair for lasting softness in just two minutes. A rich intensive smoothening treatment with micro-smoothers works with your hair’s structure to lock out humidity to help keep frizz from forming, leaving your hair satin-like smooth.


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  1. Can I just say that I am seriously happy that someone, a.k.a Pantene, figured out that we women want and how we find it difficult to unscrew a tub of conditioner in the shower! I would buy the mask just because I can flip the lid rather than having to unscrew it. My hair is looking lovely and shiny, and I am very happy with how the condition of my hair is improving with every wash.

  2. One of my favourite products! Works best when left in for a longer period of time – leaves your hair feeling strong, nourished and healthy!

  3. I have coloured my hair constantly for the last 8 years and have done so damage to my locks. This mask is all it takes to make my hair feel soft and leave it shiny as well. It also has a lovely scent. My split ends aren’t fixed, but the ends of my hair does look less frizzy and feels softer

  4. I’m always anxious to try out new hair masks and treatments. I think they’re essential for maintaining healthy hair. It’s my secret to luscious locks, so having received the Pantene Pro-V Repair and Protect Intensive Treatment, I was very eager to try this product out. I was satisfied with the results I got from using the product, but I’ll admit I was expecting better.

    Even though the product did give my hair some nourishment, it didn’t give my hair that intensive nourishment, as promised. It worked just like a regular conditioner. It wasn’t even thick enough to be called a hair mask or treatment, so I didn’t see anything special about this product being a treatment. Although this was the case, I did see something special in the results I got from using this product.

    It left my hair so much more manageable and got rid of my unsightly flyaways and dull, dry ends immediately. I also felt that it made my hair a lot stronger than before, especially after using it on the regular. I feel like my hair just got stronger and healthier with each use, which could not only be felt, but seen by the luxurious shine my hair was left with.

    And, the best part about this treatment was that it really did work in 2 minutes. You can actually feel it working as you massage it through your hair. It’s so smooth and nourishing, and just makes treating your hair such a pleasure. Not to mention how wonderful the product smells. I couldn’t get enough of the fresh, somewhat fruity smell. It did, however, leave the roots of my hair on the oily side and the ends of my hair on the dry side the next day.

    I would recommend this product to anyone looking to add instant nourishment to their hair. If you’re looking for a good quick fix, this would be your go-to product.

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