Palmer’s Massage Cream for Stretch Marks


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Cream helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks with a special blend of pure Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Bio C-Elaste. This rich, cream concentrate helps improve elasticity and suppleness of stretching skin during and after pregnancy.

Price: R53

Size: 125g

Retailers: Dis-Chem, Baby City, Baby Boom, Reggies and Toys R Us.

What we say:

There are so many things to consider about your body when pregnant, what you can and can’t eat, what exercises to avoid and so much more. Amongst these worries is what your body will look like after giving birth.

For me one of the smaller, yet important things I think about is stretch marks. Those unsightly scars left behind after your body has gone through some rigorous changes, almost as horrifying as cellulite, all women pregnant or not, worry about it. Prevention is better than cure, as they say, so making good decisions now will only help you in the long run. The most obvious choice to help avoid getting stretch marks, and recommended by so many is tissue oil, and for the first few months I used it regularly. The one issue I had was that after I had applied the oil is that it didn’t absorb into my skin very quickly, which left me feeling… oily, for a lack of a better description.

This is one of the reasons why I would rather recommend Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula, massage cream for stretch marks. The scent is subtle, and the cream absorbs quickly. So far I have no stretch marks yet, and I am in my third trimester. Everyone has different experiences with stretch marks, some never get them, some only appear in the last weeks of pregnancy and some strangely only after giving birth, but I think the best solution is to religiously lather yourself after every shower.



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  1. From the moment I saw the + on my pregnancy test with my first child, I religiously moisturised my belly. After every shower for my entire pregnancy, I’d rub this into my tummy. For two months after giving birth, I’d do the same.

    I did this with both my pregnancies and I have no stretch marks at all.

    I used it as a stretchmark preventative measure, rather than as a cure to reduce the appearance of them, and it worked like a dream.

    I’m now 32 and my sons are 4 years old and 1 years old, and my tummy, boobs and bum have bounced back to where they were before I became a mom. Why? Because of Palmer’s Stretch Mark cream.

  2. When I had my 1st son, I got this cream as part of a promotion together with Pre-Natal Vitamins. I was already using other oils and lotions but decided to try it and it worked perfectly. The smell is wonderful, reminds me of tanning lotion in the summer times, and the consistency is very rich and creamy. What I love about this product is that it doesn’t leave any oily residue like normal stretch mark oils that get on your clothing. This is absorbed like a normal skin lotion but with all the added benefits of a stretch mark oil. I found the relief from itching to last longer than my other products. The packaging is a bit bland bit the squeeze out tube is very convenient.

  3. After having my baby, i was left with horrible stretch marks, a friend recommended this to me, i used it religiously after i had a bath and even before i slept. I loved the texture and the way it didn’t leave much of a residue on my skin. after a good 2 months i noticed they did go a little lighter and wasn’t as dark as before. it did leave my stomach area much softer, just wish have taken them all away.

  4. This product is really good, it gets easily absorbed into my skin and makes it feel really soft and smooth, and it works!

  5. I used this on old stretchmarks I can definitely say that I saw an improvement in them. They were so much more lighter after a couple of weeks and I even forgot I had them
    I also used this in my pregnancy and I didn’t get alot of stretchmarks. I guess due to genetics they were inevitable. I really like the scent, it’s not too strong. Easily absorbed into skin, prevents the itchiness a growing belly brings and deeply moisturises. I had some dry, flaky patches on my arms and after 2 uses of this cream, they were gone
    I would definitely recommend this as well as the rest of the Palmer’s products.

  6. I bought myself this lotion as I am always a sucker for products that claim to “lift, firm and tighten” your skin. Dove claims that after one application the results are noticeable,firmer looking skin, which they are! After the first application I went out about my daily business and has several people comment on how healthy my skin was looking. The lotion is lightweight and absorbs quickly into the skin. This makes it great for day or night use, and it has a soft refreshing fragrance that I’m sure most people will fall in love with.

  7. This product is just simply awesome. I find it very smoothing and brings softness and rich moisture to your focus areas. The smell is captivating and just makes you want to put on some more. However, with such products , it does take time to see the difference, so patience is significant, as you do have to massage it in. Its an amazing product to use all over your body. You feel so taken care of and catered for and reminds you how beautiful you are.

  8. I used this when I was pregnant with my first child. There were many products on the market, but this was the most reasonably priced. It worked so well!! It is absorbed quickly and keeps you moisturised all day long, even in winter. It’s best used twice a day, preferably after a warm bath. My stretch marks are barely noticeable. This is definitely a product I would recommend.

  9. I personally have been using Palmer’s creams for years now and found that all of them have amazing ingredients that smooth and soften skin. In order for one to see the true benefits of using a stretch mark cream you need to follow a strict routine for well over 8 weeks. This includes exfoliating the skin 3 times a week, drinking plenty of water and applying this cream twice a day on clean, warm and slightly damp skin (as you step out the bath or shower). You have to be strict with the application of the cream else you won’t see the real benefits.

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