TRESemmé 24Hour Body Amplifying Mousse

TRESemee’s 24Hour Body Amplifying Mousse is a lightweight, maximum hold mousse that infuses hair with maximum body and bounce letting you create fabulously full styles that won’t fall.

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17 Responses

  1. I started using tressemmé two years back it has done wonders to my hair.. my hair was weak and fragile due to hair extensions but since I started I’m very happy

  2. Having curly hair sometimes its difficult keeping it under control. I have tried mousse’s before and this one seems best by far. It does not thin out my hair as a styling gel would and if your hair is wet it almost dries it for you so you don’t have to run the towel over it, although using a differs after this makes my curls look amazing, more defined, often when your hair dries it loses the “wet look” and this mousse keeps it for me :) When they say 24 hour, they mean it! It holds over night. hope it never gets discontinued.

  3. I already have curly/wavy hair, and find that this product enhances those natural curls. It just gives my hair that extra bit of oomph for when i’m having a night out on the town. Not such a big fan of the packaging of the bottle however, think it could have been more feminine considering that it is targeting a ladies market.

  4. I love TreSemme products but this one does tend to make my hair feel dry. My hair is already quite dry so I suspect the product is really good for straight hair that possibly may be more prone to oiliness than dry hair.

    It does smell great though and adds great volume so when I do blow dry my hair I use a little. I then just touch up my tips and dryer parts of my hair with a little moisturising oil once I am done with the heat.

  5. A tip: only apply it your roots and not your whole hair shaft as it leaves the hair feeling dry. To get the Body effect you have to blow dry it and cannot allow it to air dry, which I hate.

  6. I read all the good reviews so i just went out and got mine. Can’t wait to try it.

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