Mitchum Advanced Control Roll-On for Women

Fights wetness for 48 straight hours so you can get in the zone and get stuff done, without those embarrassing half moons.

What we say:
‘I love this anti-perspirant and deodorant. It is very effective and dries quickly. The neutral smell doesn’t interfere with your perfume either. Plus, I found it gentle on my skin. It didn’t cause any irritation, even when I used it quite soon after shaving. It did well to keep me dry for a day, but I’m not sure I will test the 48 hour promise.’
– Tara

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57 Responses

  1. Antiperspirant is a must for everyone. I don’t care if you are rocking mr price or gucci but if your B.O. reaches me before you do, then we have a problem. I love this roll-on because it goes on clear, dries clear and honestly prevents any type of stink from emitting from your body. It lasts an entire work day and still survives a 1 hour sweaty gym session. It’s compact and easy to chuck in your bag. The scent is not over-powering and it does not alter my perfume in anyway. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

  2. Hi Moeniebah. Terribly sorry to hear you were having issues with the product. Please would you contact the Mitchum customer service on so that one of the consultants can help you?

  3. I recently experienced that my roll on breaks into pieces after the third use and it won’t roll at all. This is a pricy product for me but became an inconvience because I have to purchase 3 times this month. this is my fourth roll on and it seems to work for me. Now I have this disappointment. Please advise me on how to prevent this from happening?

  4. I simply love Mitchum. It’s the only deo I trust for all day freshness as I never feel sweaty! It’s more expensive tan other brands but you really do experience a difference, it’s great!!

  5. Still my favourite! Been using it for 7 years and will never change, no matter what the price.

  6. I prefer the Mitchum Gel to the Roll-on as it lasts so much longer. Even though this product cost more than other deodorants, you get great value for money! It lasts and lasts (more than 2 months) and if you are working out there is nothing that gives better odour control than Mitchum. By far the best in its category!!!

  7. This is the only deo I use, a little more expensive than normal deo, but it works like a charm!

  8. I tried this product out like two months ago and I have kept buying it. I love that it doesn’t irritate my skin.

  9. I have found that this product loses effectiveness over time and so I need to switch to something else and then switch back and then it works again. Anyone else with this problem?

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