Mitchum Advanced Control Roll-On for Women

Fights wetness for 48 straight hours so you can get in the zone and get stuff done, without those embarrassing half moons.

What we say:
‘I love this anti-perspirant and deodorant. It is very effective and dries quickly. The neutral smell doesn’t interfere with your perfume either. Plus, I found it gentle on my skin. It didn’t cause any irritation, even when I used it quite soon after shaving. It did well to keep me dry for a day, but I’m not sure I will test the 48 hour promise.’
– Tara

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57 Responses

  1. Finding that perfect deodorant is never easy especially when you’ve got sensitive skin.

    Have you ever had a problem that when a product gets too used to your skin it literally stops agreeing with your skin type?

    Trying out different products can get frustrating , and having one not agree with you after a week or two is ridiculous.

    This is my lifesaver.

    Mitchum is a 48 hour protection , known as the most effective product on the market for
    people who battle with perspiration.

    It is very effective against sweat and odour, is quick-drying and alcohol-free, won’t sting or cause irritation to the skin.

    I’ve been using Mitchum for the past 6 months, I wouldn’t trade this product for anything.

    I am incredibly happy with this product. It is a bit more expensive than other products but it is worth every cent.

    They are available in:
    Powder Fresh and Pure Fresh .

    This deodorant comes in :
    Stick solid
    A roll on

    For males and females

    PRICE :
    76g – R 58

    Purchase yours at your nearest leading supermarket
    (Checkers,Clicks,Game, Pick n pay, Dischem).
    This product is also available on

  2. I swear by this deo stick and use it as a comparison when using other products. I love the smell and the freshness it gives me all day long. It’s a real boost of confidence.

  3. Personally Mitchum has proven to be very effective in controlling sweat and odour, but it is a bit too pricey though. It’s good value for money if you having problems with a bad odour and sweat or you are simply an active person like me.

  4. I’ve been using Mitchum since Primary School!! This product has never let me down, from athletics to Netball games even school dances, Ive been sweat free :-) After about 13 years I’m still going strong with it, never even intending of using another product.

  5. I was recommended by a friend to try Mitchum Roll on. I made the switch and never regretted my decision. It glides easily on the skin and keeps you dry for hours. My favourite one is the powder fresh. After you shave it does not leave the burning sensation when applied.

  6. I love the Mitchum antiperspirant powder fresh under arm stick. I have being using this product for years. It keeps dry without any wetness and my daughter of 15 years is also using this. The only problem is sometimes it may leave a white residue on you clothing.

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