African Extracts Rooibos Advantage Creamy Cleanser

African Extracts Rooibos Advantage Creamy Cleanser

This luxurious cleansing lotion leaves skin feeling clean, soft and comfortable. With Bio-Active Rooibos extract, aloe leaf extract and vitamins C and E, its gentle, non-greasy formulation removes dirt without disturbing the skin’s delicate hydro-lipid barrier.

Price: R69.99
Availability: Dis-Chem and other leading pharmacies.

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2 Responses

  1. I’ve been using this product for a month (start of August), which was perfect timing, as this time of the year is when my skin is most dehydrated after winter. It does a great job of cleansing the skin, without stripping it of all natural moisture as some other cleansers do – no tight, dry feeling after using it. It has no discernible scent, which is great. If anything it smells like natural ingredients, which I love. I have noticed an improvement in the hydration of my skin since using this cleanser, especially after Winter. I also love the packaging…very classy. Overall, I would continue using it and would definitely re-purchase it. I am also very impressed by the price point of this product versus the quality. South African products for the win!!! :)

  2. I think I have fallen in love with this Advantage range. This creamy cleanser smells like the signature scent of African extracts, but a little more soft.
    It has a white, creamy consistency. Once applied, it cleans my skin quite effectively in a very soft manner.
    Because it is a cream cleanser, it also does not make my skin feel heavy or oily. Rather my skin feels soothed and comfortable and very clean.
    I have been using this cleanser for a month now and I have had no skin irrations or any annoying breakouts.

    I love this product and is going to finish this product till the end. Also another budget item that does a wonderful job, with the added benefit of natural goodness.

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