Johnson and Johnson African Nurture Body Lotion

Johnson’s African Nurture Body Lotion gently restores the natural beauty of the skin, leaving it soft, glowing and radiantly healthy.

What we say:
‘I liked the size of the bottle – it’s nice and big and will last me a while, always handy in an economic climate such as ours. And, given that the price is already so unbelievably reasonable, that makes the Johnson’s African Nurture range an absolute bargain. The body lotion absorbed into my skin really easily and I didn’t have to spend hours rubbing it in. I did find, though, that if I applied too much the smell was a bit overpowering.’
Zoe Gruss

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30 Responses

  1. I have used both the the lotion and shower gel. I prefer the shower gel to the lotion but both smell divine! I feel like a princess every time I get out the bath. But I agree with Arthz that the packaging is very similar and easy to get the two confused.

  2. I use this lotion: the Energising Marula and Kigelia. Summer and Winter (in winter I mix it with virgin organic coconut oil). It’s amazing. I love it and will continue to use it.

  3. I tried it and simply loved it. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky, which I hate. It is a really good lotion.

  4. This is a product that is worth having as it leaves your skin soft. It is affordable, works like a dream and has a beautiful scent. The only thing I wish is that they would change the packaging as it is kind of boring and us ladies love cute girly looking products.

  5. This smells great, but it is very liquid and I prefer something creamier for my dry skin.

  6. Affordable and really nourishes the skin. I also like the fact that it smells good.

  7. Johnson & Johnson products are the best and there’s such a huge variety. This specific lotion is great, not oily on the skin and smells good.

  8. This is one the best products I have come across this year. I just adore it.

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