Africology Coffee and Rose Diffuser

Africology rose and coffee

The recently launched Diffuser sets form part of the sublime ‘Atmosphere’ range which is comprised of a collection of uplifting, eco-friendly scents which Africology is synonymous for. The Diffuser sets offer an elegant yet understated design which compliments and enhances a variety of décor features. Available in Neroli, Coffee and Rose and a limited edition Frankincense and Myrhh the diffuser sets are able to full any space with a delectable atmosphere unlike many other superficial diffusers on the market.

Price: R460


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  1. I have a medium sized home 3 bedrooms, lounge, dining room and kitchen, should I use one in every room? How many sticks should I use per room. Please advise. I really want to try this. I saw/smelt some of them at @HOME and I love the different scents.

  2. In today’s hurried world, when it feels like time is not one’s own, it’s good to be reminded to stop and smell the roses. Literally. Africology’s Coffee and Rose Perfume Atmosphere Diffuser, made from 100% natural oils, wafts through a room with a soft sweet scent. The coffee anchors the rose so that it’s barely noticeable, allowing the floral notes to be dominant. Instantly calming, gently romantic – you’ll love how it transforms your home, office or retail space.

    The only thing is I sneezed a lot when I had it next to my desk and my dog sneezed as soon as I took it into the house. Lol.

    For those with sensitive noses, I’d suggest putting it on a shelf a few metres away from where you sit or work as it can bring on the sneezes. – Debbie Hathway

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