Stila All Day 10-in-1 HD Beauty Balm

Indulge your skin with Stila’s all-in-one, high definition, age-defying beauty balm. Apply to clean skin, use alone or follow with foundation for complexion perfection.

What we say:
A self-confessed BB cream fanatic, I’ve tried just about every BB cream on the market. Some have been too oily, some too light or too dark, but overall, I’ve come to realise that I’ll probably never go without one again.

I love Stila products, so I couldn’t wait to try out the HD Beauty Balm. Luckily for me, it didn’t disappoint. Firstly and most importantly, the colour matched my skin tone perfectly (this seldom happens). The consistency of the product is smooth and it has a lovely fresh scent. I apply it after cleansing and toning, and because I prefer the natural look, I follow up with a little bit of powder instead of foundation.

I find the coverage perfect – not too little and not too much. My skin looks even and bright when I apply it, and it lasts all day long, even in hot weather. Although I’m not too concerned about wrinkles just yet, I’ve noticed that my pores look a lot smaller when I wear this and the redness around my nose is nicely covered too. My only criticism is that it does not contain an SPF. Other than that, it’s the perfect product for me.
– Anien

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18 Responses

  1. I find that as my skin has matured, coverage has become more important. However, I do not want to look all caked up, and this product is light, goes on smoothly and illuminates, which is a perfect combination.

  2. The coverage this product gives me is not ideal, but it does a super job as a primer. It glides onto my skin and provides a great base for my foundation. It also helps my foundation last a bit longer. I especially like to use it during the winter months when my skin tends to be a bit drier – this product makes my skin feel and look more hydrated and gives my skin a natural looking glow. I was lucky enough to win this product and I will enjoy using it till the last drop, but I don’t think this is something I will purchase for myself.

  3. Hmm, seems like there’s mixed reviews about this product. I would love to try it but I will stick to cheaper BB creams for now…

  4. I’m not surprised the BB cream is receiving rave reviews as their Hydrating Primer is in a class of it’s own. Having purchased it over 3 months ago and only half way through the 50ml tube, it delivers exactly what it promises: oil free SPF 30 light cover, using a pea size amount on each application and leaving the skin feeling light and non-greasy but well primed for the BB cream. It’s one product I will never go without.

  5. I tried to like this. I really did. I tried especially to like it because of how much I spent on it, and it looked so good in the store. Then I tried it the next day, and it looked like I was wearing a mask. Not because the colour didn’t match, but because the product “sat” on my skin. It didn’t spread nicely, it settled around my pores and lines making them look worse and I ended up taking it all off and regaling the bottle to the back of my make up cupboard.

  6. This is my holy grail of BB Creams! This product is amazing, in fact even amazing is an understatement… This revolutionary BB cream leaves skin looking absolutely amazing, it’s non oily, plus it feels like silk on skin. It gives skin a whole new look, the only unfortunate part about this product is the price! however if you’re willing to pay the price for your beauty… Then this bb cream is for you.

  7. This would be interesting to try. I have never used Stila products before, but this sounds fantastic and value for your money.

  8. I have never tried a BB cream. It is a mission to find one that suits my skin tone as they generally come in light medium and dark. It would be nice if they had an in between shade. I would love to try the product but at R395 I’m not sure.

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