Garnier Ambre Solaire Golden Protect Lotion SPF20

If you’re looking for sun protection while showing off beautiful, glowing skin, try this innovative product from Garnier. The broad spectrum formulation protects from both UVA and UVB rays, and leaves you with a subtle golden shimmer. Enriched with Monoi oil, skin is left lightly fragranced, moisturised and protected.

What we say:
I have very fair skin that burns easily, so I never go without sunscreen. Always up for a bit of shimmer, I applied this lotion before an afternoon of sundowners at the beach. It absorbed easily (no sticky or oily residue in sight) and left my skin with a gorgeous summery fragrance. Plus, I had a subtle but very pretty golden glow, thanks to fine, shimmery particles in the formula. For late afternoon, the SPF20 was perfect, but if you’re planning on heading out earlier in the day, I’d recommend the SPF30 instead. This is the perfect accessory to a plunging neckline or open-back dress!

– Anien


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  1. I really love this sunscreen! It’s not a thick or sticky consistency and it’s not the very white colour that sunscreen usually is, it is also quickly absorbed. It is water resistant, but as with all sunscreens you do need to re-apply it. It contains nourishing Monoi oil which moisturises skin.

    It leaves a subtle shimmer on skin which improves appearance of your tan and slightly blurs out minor imperfections.
    It is an SPF 30 which is fine for my skin as I’m not fair and my skin tans easily, it enhances and prolongs my tan without the sun burn. But it may not be enough protection or thick enough for fairer skin, so if you tend to burn easily I wouldn’t suggest using this cream.

  2. Smells great and makes your skin look amazing with a luminous golden glow. Absolutely love this. I hope they do not discontinue this product ever :)

  3. this product sounds like a must have for Durbanites, any idea if it works for darker skin?

  4. this is a great product im light skined and i find that if i use this i dont get that redishness and that little spottie brown on my face

  5. This looks like a great product for winter use. You get the glowing skin tone and protection. A lot of people forget to use sun block in winter myself included until recently. I also like the IQ range with white tea.

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