Garnier Ambre Solaire Kids SPF50 Spray

Children are particularly vulnerable to the harmful effects of the sun. What’s more, sun exposure tends to be highest during childhood and that can lead to premature skin ageing effects in adulthood. Children’s skin therefore needs to be protected against harmful rays, which is why Garnier Ambre Solaire, have developed a range especially for children, containing the patented high technology filtration system, Mexoplex for reinforced protection against UV rays, to prevent sun damage due to UVB rays and premature skin ageing caused by UVA rays. The kids range is water and sand resistant.

What we say:
‘We recently went away for a surfing holiday so it was a great way to test the Garnier Ambre Solaire Kids SPF50. As a family we spend a large amount of time at the beach, so I need to know that my son is properly protected, especially being blonde. The first obstacle with applying sunscreen to kids is getting it on them – as most parents know, we know it’s good for them, but they usually hate applying it. The spray nozzle, therefore, is a great addition and gets a fair amount onto them in each spray. He’s also in and out the water, so I always look for a water resistant option – I advise trying it on yourself to see how effective it is. From my point of view it worked really well, not running into your eyes and actually working for up to two hours of surfing time.

‘Garnier’s Ambre Solaire Kids SPF50 has a nice texture and is quite light for a water resistant version, which often tend to be very oily. They claim it to be sand resistant too which is a good thing considering small folks love covering themselves in it from head to toe. The smell is fresh and didn’t seem to offend my son who is very quick to say if he doesn’t like the smell of things. The only downside to this product: avoid white clothes as it does stain, leaving white board shorts yellowed. Will definitely be stocking up on more of this product, which works well for families who spend a lot of time being active at the beach.’
– Gaelyn

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  1. The spray sunscreen is the best. I used it these holidays and the kids loved it. Very convenient and no mess….easy to use and not oily.

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