Dark and Lovely Amla Legend Billion Hair Potion

The Amla Legend Billion Hair Potion uses arginine, one of the most prevalent amino acids of hair keratin, to support hair fibre strength, and ceramide to nourish the scalp and hair for visibly longer, fuller hair, day after day.

Size: 100ml
Price: R39.99
Retailers: Available at leading retail outlets nationwide

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Dark & Lovely Amla




7 Responses

  1. Usually my scalp is very dry and flaky. So I decided to try this product just for control. Wow It’s good for your hairline as well. The scent is also really nice, I love it.

    1. Which retailers stocks this product. I’ve searched hi and low for this product and i cant find it any where. I looked at Checkers, pnp, dischem, spar and those stores certainly dont have it. I use to apply it to my hair after blow drying and the results was beautiful and I love the scent of it.

  2. I recently cut my hair into a bob so I decided to give this product a go. Can someone say ‘BEST BUY’? It smells amazing and I’ve definitely seen at least an inch of growth in my hair in the space of a month. The nozzle makes applying this product so quick and effortless.

  3. I used the Billion Hair Potion for my hairline which had began to suffer because of years of braiding. I’d put it every evening and morning, while also applying it on the rest of my scalp. My hair line has managed to recover while the rest of my hair definitely feels fuller. A great product that I’d recommend.

  4. I recently got a free sample of this and couldn’t wait to use it, as it sounded quite promising. I wasn’t wrong!! It’s exquisite! and yes, it smells like a dream. Its very moisturizing on the scalp and leaves it nourished along with your hair. You just feel rich and No more bad hair days!(at least for me)Every girl wants to have amazing hair, and this is a good boost for dry and dull hair.No-one can go wrong with Amla Oil .

  5. I thought this would make my over processed hair stronger but I didn’t notice any difference. I liked the scent & the way it absorbed in my hair, I was expecting my hair to be shiny since its an oil but that wasn’t the case. I’m just glad it wasn’t greasy & it didn’t weigh my hair down. The packaging isn’t that great, the tiny cap got lost in less than a week. For the price I think its worth purchasing

  6. I’ve tried this before. And I really, REALLY wanted to like it. I couldn’t. It left my hair weaker than before. It just didn’t work at all. And I love D&L products. Their relaxers are the best I have used for my hair, But this product was such a flop!! I had such high hopes for it and it failed in my opinion. :-(

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