Dark and Lovely Amla Legend Damage Anti-Dote Oil Moisturiser

Amla Legend Oil Moisturiser

Amla oil is extracted from an Indian superfruit, and is highly nutritive and rich in anti-oxidants. Because of this, generations of Indian women have used amla oil to rejuvenate their hair and enhance its length, strength and shine. This ritual has been passed down from mother to daughter for centuries, but now Dark and Lovely unlocks this secret in a hair care range formulated exclusively with amla oil, specifically for African women.

Amla Legend Damage Anti-Dote oil moisturiser promises no more dryness, breakage or dullness, while its Oil Refill hair Wash neutralises, cleanses and refills hair.

Size: 250ml
Price: R27.55
Retailers: Available at leading retailers nationwide

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3 Responses

  1. My hair had been breaking after i colour treated it and needed a product to stop the breakage, provide moisture and strengthen it. The Dark and Lovely Amla Legend Damage Anti-Dote Oil Moisturiser was the answer to my prayers.

    Used together with the other Amla Legend products, This oil moisturiser is not only good for your hair, but for your scalp as well. IT gives your hair a lovely, non-greasy, shine while also making it easier to comb.

    The dry brittleness of my hair disappeared immediately upon application and hair breakage was reduced a lot.

  2. I have had problems with my hair being dry even after applying moisturiser, and it was breaking very badly up till I came across the new Amla Legend moisturiser and at first I was sceptical as to what the product can do. But I tried it and I must say I am impressed with how it truly lives up to the standards, It feels great on my hair and smells very nice. My hair is now full of live and glows.one product you can’t miss out on trying

  3. I wanted to like this so called moisturiser since its from my favourite brand but WHY did it have to contain mineral oil, & Amla oil was so far down the ingredient list that its not worth to be named after it. It smelled nice but it just sat on my hair & weighed it down

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