Avon Angled Blush Brush

The Angled Blush Brush is Avon’s latest style for precise blusher application.

What we say:
I like a steady, sturdy make-up brush, especially for my blusher. I found this brush a little light and the bristles too long. The bristles are soft and shiny, and I love the angled shape, but it doesn’t really collect the powder from the blush so I found myself dipping in the blush and applying it a few times before I saw any effect. It would be ideal for someone who doesn’t like their blusher too obvious. I like my blush to be blended, but visible.


15 Responses

  1. I use the brush everyday when applying my blush. What I love most is the size. It allows me to apply my blush exactly where I want to without messing. Picks up my blush powder well. Would prefer if the stick part was abit shorter as I do struggle fitting it into my on the go bag but either than that, good brush good price

  2. I noticed a lot of the reviews mentioned that the brush didn’t pick up the blush. Avon has an improved version. And the new brushes are lovely. They look good too. They are now white bristles with black edges. The bristles are super soft. I use my blush brush daily and its so easy to apply my blush. It picks up product nicely and blends in well. Its really good quality for the price. So well worth it. I would advise anyone looking for a blush brush, to give this 1 a try.

  3. This brush is included in my daily routine. Perfect for applying blush exactly where u want it. And very useful for shading and countouring. Love this. The new version of the brushes are super attractive and totally worth the price.

  4. wasn’t happy with this purchase as it did not deliver well on results, i have used other brands and this does no justice to my preferences!!

  5. The angle looks good for contouring, but if it doesnt pick up the powder then would be hard to contour.

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