Avon Angled Blush Brush

The Angled Blush Brush is Avon’s latest style for precise blusher application.

What we say:
I like a steady, sturdy make-up brush, especially for my blusher. I found this brush a little light and the bristles too long. The bristles are soft and shiny, and I love the angled shape, but it doesn’t really collect the powder from the blush so I found myself dipping in the blush and applying it a few times before I saw any effect. It would be ideal for someone who doesn’t like their blusher too obvious. I like my blush to be blended, but visible.

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15 Responses

  1. I like this brush for applying bronzer but not for blush because the brush does not pick up the colour very well and as a result you don’t get very good and even blush on your cheeks and of course no one wants to look like Bridget Jones with uneven and blotchy cheeks

  2. Definitely worth it to buy one of these!! I’ve had mine for over six months now and its still in the same condition as when i bought it! The quality is good and I like the way it looks too. Great for applying bronzer and Blush!!

  3. yeah that’s what I’m looking for, improvement of product with minimal changes on cost. Being beautiful doesn’t necessarily need 1 to spend arm and a leg!!

  4. The price is magic, so i would like to get one as soon as i can from my sister because she’s a rep for Avon.

  5. i love this brush because it is very soft on my skin and after much application i get the desired effect, i prefer that they were a bit more stiff but yet soft. overall it is a satisfactory product.

  6. I love this angled brush, price is very reasonable. I use it to apply the blush.

  7. I love this brush is the angled design is perfect, with a normal blush brush you tend to get blush in spots you don’t want it, you tend to over do the blush, however with the angled brush you get the blush in the spots you want it and gives you the no-so-over-the-top look:-)great value for money

  8. I love angled blush brushes to apply blushers,bronzers and highlighters but I have to agree with you the brush is soft but does not pick up power because the hairs are too far apart as the mac one the hairs are really close together for better pick up. The pricing is not bad though

  9. I use this brush for contouring cheeks and chin. I don’t really like to use it to apply blush. The quality is not bad at all and the price is reasonable. I like the fact that it does not collect too much product, as you have to have a soft touch when it comes to contouring.

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