Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil

Our apricot oil is an exclusive elixir that softens, rehydrates and revitalizes cuticles. After just one drop, you’ll see why manicurist everywhere will recommend it.

Price: R134.95

What we say:
‘Every time I have my nails done, I can’t wait for it to come to the end because I know that I am going to get a dash of Essie Apricot Oil applied to my cuticles. It smells so nice and leaves my nails and cuticles hydrated and soft. It is made up of a combination of cotton seed and soybean oil. It can be massaged into nails and cuticles twice a day.’

Zoe Gruss

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13 Responses

  1. This is one of the best nail products on the market, having to put my hands in water all day, this oil keeps my fingers feeling good, use every night. Gently massage into the cuticles and you ready to take on the next morning. I don’t have breakage of skin and my nails look good.

  2. So many people have told me this is the best cuticle oil, and I can see why. It works wonders to repair dry and damaged cuticles and helps a lot with hydration. It smells lovely and I love the bright orange colour – it’s a fun alternative to the usual clear oils. Use this twice a day for best results, and remember to apply if after you do your nails – you can even brush it onto your nail bed when your nails are polish-free!

  3. One of the best cuticle oils on the market… Leaves your nails feeling soft and great – even when you cannot go for a manicure! :)

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