Avène Thermal Water Spray

Avène Thermal Water Spray

Essential soothing care product for sensitive, hypersensitive, allergic and irritated skin. Soothing action, sunburn, after acne-treatment, nappy rash, various forms of irritations, razor burn, after hair removal. Comforting and refreshing, to complete skin cleansing, to set make-up, after outdoor activity, in summer while travelling.

Price: R149.95
Size: 150ml
Availability: Selected Clicks stores

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14 Responses

  1. THIS IS THE BEST! I have eczema on my face. My skin gets irritated and red that leaves me with itchy and burning skin. After spraying this onto my skin, my skin feel calm, cold and non-irritated.
    I can’t do my facial routine without this product.

  2. Always try to keep my ear close to the ground when it comes to beauty and skincare. When I was younger, my mother had a big blue can of water from the Swiss Alps from her travels. She would lightly mist her face on a hot summers day, when her face felt dry especially during the harsh winter months or when she had some sort of irritation surfacing on her face.

    Naturally when I heard about Avene launching in South Africa, I was thrilled! I purchased the Thermal Water Spray during November of last year and it quickly became part of my skincare regime. I would mist my face before bed, pop it in my handbag if I was going out for the day especially if I was going to be in the sun for long periods of time. I have extremely sensitive skin so when with my eczema I would spray it onto the inflamed area and it would soothe it. It is the kind of product that you can use throughout the year for a number of purposes such as : lack of moisture, to soothe inflamed or irritated skin, aid skin’s regenerative process and combat signs of sun damage.

    It retails for 150ZAR and can be found at your local drugstores such as Clicks and Dischem.


  4. I received this amazing products 2 weeks back from Rubybox and was too excited since I’ve been hearing a lot about it and finally it landed on my hands to review! I have been using it ever since I received it especially on my face to cool off and to set my make up which lasts all day long. Production of this product was well planned & executed. The packaging is white in color with a bit of orange wording and the texture is watery and crystal clear. It’s not harsh on skin hasn’t caused any allergies or irritations so far. I am well satisfied with this product and I will invest in it, worth the price tag of R149.99. Recently I also gave my daughter to try it on her eczema and I am pleased that she doesn’t scratch as she used to before.
    This is a wonderful product. Multitasking product, a million in one how awesome is that!

  5. I have been suffering from ridiculously dry skin due to the allergy season and reapplying my moisturizer was becoming a real hassle, but having flaky skin was becoming an embarrassment as well.

    I then did some research and purchased the Avene Thermal Water Spray and I honestly have to say that I am truly impressed!
    Before applying my moisturiser I spritz a moderate amount onto my face and allow for it to dry!

    My face is now longer dehydrated and has a glow to it as well.

  6. It is an awesome product on the first use you can feel the difference makes your skin soothing it works for all skin types hypersensitive, allergic and irritated skin. It makes your face smooth and soft I will recommended this product, it is comforting and refreshing, to complete skin cleansing. It is a must-have.

  7. The Avéne Thermal spring water spray offers you many different users, but which ever ailment you decide to use it for (dry skin, setting spray etc.) you will not be disappointed. The odourless spray is light and cooling without being overpowering. The Aerosol nozzle allows for direct spray which means that you will not waste it. I mostly used it at the end of the day when I needed a little freshen up but did not have time to do a full face. The instructions said to ‘pat your face’ after applying, but I found this unnecessary as one simple squirt was enough.
    The spray is also nourishing and I noticed that I had to use less moisturizer in the morning than before. It is make-up free and does not alter or change the colour of your skin. On humid days I popped it in my bag and kept my shiny areas at bay. The other down size is that I would prefer a travel size (please say they have this!) so that I can carry it around with me on a night out on the town.
    I used the product 3 times a days for three weeks and still have half a can left – cost effective!

  8. Bottle spray nozzle, easy applicable. Expensive water in a bottle. Feels like normal cool water. I have dry skin. When sprayed on my arms and hands left a refreshing soothing cooling effect. When applied on my palms of my hand felt hard and rough effect. As rep when driving around,it can be very hot and humid and I found this Avene Thermal Water Spray to be a perfect, refreshing, soothing and cooling effect for me to refresh. It worked well for me to refresh up and I will by a must essential item in my vanity bag.

  9. Having heard a lot in beauty news regarding thermal water sprays I was super excited to receive this product to review. It is beautifully and simplistically packaged and feels good to hold in the hand. The spray itself is super light and SO refreshing to the skin it is like walking into a heavenly waterfall!! I have used it before and after putting on makeup, after a workout / hot shower / hot & humid weather and it felt simply divine on the skin. By just spraying a little onto my face I felt it revive and wake up all my senses and left my whole body feeling more energized and awake. I’ve tried it to set my makeup as soon on the web, however I felt that this didn’t work well in that regard and it watered down my makeup instead of giving that dewy/glowy look I expected. All in all I felt this an amazing product to use and I would definitely add this to my “must-haves” list.

  10. I have become addicted to Thermal Water sprays – they’re such a great way of hydrating and soothing irritated and sensitive skin. This one by Avene is just fantastic and one of the better options price wise too!

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